evacuated, and the cavity packed with iodoform gauze. It was
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(Bowditch Islands) ; Cascade (Moluc Island) ; Dermatomycosis
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the production of all the symptoms of the disease by the inoculation
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Canada by these routes. Along the first, many cases of the disease did
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back ot the shaft, even to its point. My grooved di-
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ratus. He did not utilize an electrically heated coil in jars in which many cul-
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cient alimentation, particularly to the convalescent. When
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general health improving ; an opening injection ordered.
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many patients, in fact, die immediately, but I have seen not a
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form of paralysis called wristdrop, and of the form of neuralgia known as
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surface of the body. When these vessels dilate, a large amount
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than thirty minutes. In the two experiments in which adrenalin
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only one occurs at a time, but relapses are common. The anal abscess
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analyse the numerous excellent articles devoted to the maladies peculiar to
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creased, diminished, became steadier, and the patient
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I am glad to have it in my power to adduce a few cases of
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than to a rheumatic process. — Laiicet,l>io\. 12, 1887.
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his thanks for the use of wood-cuts illustrative of parasitic
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adequate, by the apprehension that, in so doing, such
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of the two substances can then be recognized microscopically. Tyrosin
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the infection may arise from the bladder by direct extension through
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them, as he never calculated upon having female disciples. I
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alcohol and the organism, so that from three to six or even
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dissolved by acetic acid) are found in the fibre itself; the stria-
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benefit ; but that the remaining two-thirds would take it
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Inconsiderate persons often bring on an inflammation of
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nutrition such as are seen in the cachexia of advanced tuberculosis can