asylums. These are rather " asiles " for the guardianship
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pressure, and secondary degenerations take place in the differ-
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Surgery, Hamline University. Handsome octavo, 800 pages, fully illus-
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130 to 140 or 130; the goitre a little larger; the tremor
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ascertained by these experiments, whose results are sus-
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ordered a company of soldiers to be stationed at the gate of
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Glasgow Medical Journal, made the following comment:
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front office building. Excellent family apartment up-
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of the cases, diphtheria bacilli were found in small numbers on the third
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tions and additions have been made. In writing on angina
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to go to stool, and by the discharge of a small quantity of bloody mucus or
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rected against either platelet-specific antigens or more ubiq-
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che chimiche. Riv. d' ig. o san. pubb., Roma, 1891,737-747.
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the contrary, coagulates it, — a fact announced by me in the first part
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necessary in severe cases, because of the cardiac and general
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554-557. Also: Verhandl. d. Berl. nied. Gesellsch. (1896),
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fractive error in his own eyes, which was afterwards
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Again the straw was moistened, the lid secured as before, and left for
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limbs are not contracted, but keep the position in which they have been
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Symptomatology — Diagnosis — Prognosis — Treatment — Prophylaxis-
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diagnosis than those who, disapproving of ventral suspen-
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Jun e been found thinned. The mucous membrane is rarely found ulcerated,
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remission, the remedy may be continued during the exacerbation of fever.
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per cent of smokers have definite though temporary effects upon
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In his most recent contribution to the subject Penzoldt
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evidence to identify the complementing property of a serum with a
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continuance. The continued and eruptive fevers are examples of diseases,
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sive dysarthria. It was near the cortex, because of
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vomiting has been superadded, and the circulation begins to fail, and cramps
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would certainly follow by leaving it. 4. The objection made
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tration and of inability to work intellectually, of loss
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can scarcely be due to variations in the amount of absorption from
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popular lectures on the evUa of ttghi lacings by a medical gentleman, who
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then, closing the circuit by pressing a knob, he watches the effect. Soon a
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ceived. It will transmit to coming times the calm and benig-