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the first sound, and instantly ceases when the first sound is heard. It is

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Alvin Davison, Ph.D., ex- Fellow of Princeton University; Professor

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recent or confirmed, I see no reason whatever for discarding it. If the cutting

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beino- in any way interfered with by the removal of the nerves.

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The fibres to which reference is now to be made are those in relation

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tically important than that which regards the power of large and repeated

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a good understanding on the part of the Wisconsin profession, on a

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milk. Hiccough, nausea, water-brash, vomiting of food or bile, par-

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College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. — There is now a

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of the wound. The omentum and iqteslines were free from

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regards treatment, his experience had not been large ; he had not

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titioners to register with the County Clerk annually

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symptoms that are recognizable, and yet eventually develop definite ter-

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