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the majority of cases, it appears to me that these agents
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mal prominence and pulsation in the upper sternal region.
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lid chest. All the openings of the body, ears, eyes, &c., were
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Affairs (M. de Grouitch), representing the Prime Minister and Foreign
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head except that he shows, as did our last patient, a typical
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mission is viewed from the side of the invertebrate in its relation to the
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oxen a parasite which is apparently the larval form
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availability of the latter method of arriving at a diagnosis, it would have
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in simple ulcer, when the surface did not secrete much.
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of some sort of learning or study, causes wasting ; or
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applied, and tonic treatment, including iron, quinia, iodine and cod-
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left ventricle. But it was plain that there was no constancy about the presence
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especially defective ; nor in the chapter on the operation is
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viscera, and his skeleton was preserved. It will be seen that the shaft
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"The yournal of the American Medical Association is rather adverse
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servations have led me to conclude, that digestion of the stomach
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and epithelial scales, and these when united in masses make the bodies
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woman was put to bed in better condition than when the
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It is most probable some of the causes obstructing the passage of
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disease, the origin of which would seem to have been at a very
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with a hook, which emerges from its hiding-place like the
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means so common as is supposed. Great numbers of women, especially of the
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ing tincture, liniment, or oil. The French, in cases in which there
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yards from the margin of the waters that wash their
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the mean rate of mortality under five years was 61.0
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recumbent position a sine qua non for the safe exhibition of chloroform.
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by appropriate applications made to the part. For an account of these,
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result in an amelioration of the symptoms, and thus
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it may be inferred that the aortic valve is intact. A comparison of the
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that the upper wall of the meatus measured 19 mms. in length, and
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The contents of this sac, when planted upon the ordi-