diagnosis between this form of stupor and melancholic stupor, with which it

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groups, sometimes on the neck and limbs, but usually on the sides of the

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involution does not take place in the centre, and the lesion appears not

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(ii.) Seborrhcea sicca. — In this condition the sebaceous secretion

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treatment kept up during the patient's lifetime, to prevent his lapsing

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during gestation. The chief causes coming into action at the time of

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" verbigeration," this latter being a term used for the repetition of a syllable;

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1 Clarke. Trans, of the Ejridem. Soc. 1860. — 2. Crombie. Trans, of the Path. Soc.

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psoriasis. It may be mistaken for lichen circinatus or seborrhoea corporis ;

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roughening of the skin with wart-like growths and a peculiar discolora-

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invader, the community has been scattered or absorbed by the conqueror.

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"Ueber die Altersveranderungen der elastischen Fasern in der Haut," Virch. Arch.

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ing a chronic invalidism. The general physician would then be wise

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there is interference with the functions of the skin due to the horny in-

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amount of weakness must be left than would have been the case had the

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Historical. — In Rayer's Atlas is an undoubted example of this disease

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mind, yet, allowing for all these provisions, we cannot suppose that the

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and splenius derive their complete nerve-supply from this source, but the

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good, first-rate, indeed, but that is not all. "Put under the

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Rare Diseases of the Skin (three plates). — 25. Poet. Deutsch. Archiv f. Him,. Med.