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to light, the green and blue frequencies being the most

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Numbers of lepers are seen in Panama by travelers in that country ;

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limps, and jerks, and throws-out liis leg, somewhat after

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included normal healthy subjects and subjects both with and without

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in his practice, and regards it as the "ideal alterative— the sine qua non in the treat-

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addition of an on-site adequacy assessment service.

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with five per cent, of glycerine. The patient was igno •

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showing polar staining so as to resemble a dipplococcus, staining

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can be heard. The legs should be raised at right angles to the

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eflfect for a period of five to eight hours, and will be fol-

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materially affect irritability of the protoplasm of the nerves

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through the right bronchus. On the third day there was local

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in an action ; but it is not for the defence of such

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-■\fter discussing at some length the various dominant

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most important consideration is that, whatever treatment is followed, we

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than a year, at first slight and transient, but increasing

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extremity, particularly in the hand, the attack may be prevented in some

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nn'asures only are of use. These procedures, however, are undertaken onlv

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Now Dr. Bennett declares that the diminished employment of blood-

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Complete hemiansesthesia, with loss of the senses of sight and of smell,

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Syphilitic Inflammation. — Manifestations of tertiary syphilis have

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simplified. Another point to remember is that an eczema or dermatitis

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haemorrhagic focus in the region of the basic ganglia. Its occurrence may

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several occasions. It is easy of practice, but difficult to prove

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pain, so marked in case of neoplasm, may be wanting. Unilateral symp-

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cases, it seems our duty to effect an early delivery of the

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swelling being on the anterior surface. This held the epi-

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III. P. 2747. St. Louis: C. V. Mosby and Co., 1941.

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patientsr If we are to reject absolute irresponsibility as a