thirty aiaimals were all inoculated witli the matter of

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with the production of packet-like vegetative forms. Non-motile.

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there may be attacks similar to angina pectoris. In the progress of

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vs. Chowning, Minnesota Supreme Court, 161 N. W. 144.

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splenic flexures of the colon or the sigmoid flexure. The term jjericolitis

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the result of a recommendation made by Col. Mills to the Sec-

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ciple even if he did not understand some of the methods

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tubes, the specimens are all homogeneous, showing no change in the

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and voice weak. The expression of his countenance was

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example of what I meant a few moments ago when describing

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creased activity, or to change the red cells so that they are more easily destroyed

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hours after tin- operation hemorrha;^e occurred, l>y the

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6. s., V, 280-282.— Liaiicereaux (E.) Rapport general

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and tension, and in this chapter the subject is discussed

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location of the bone and fracture of its neck or shaft high up. — Med. Times

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unpublished and inaccessible except by special favour or by pay-

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pneumonia, does not occur in broncho-pneumonia. The pulse-curve in this

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fact that equal parts of blood serum from a calf two weeks after suc-

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it is believed by many that aphthse of the mouth indicate a similar con-

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attention to tenderness of the cranium on percussion with the

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patches of Peyer's glands, which were not much, if at all, more inflamed

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the ham to the calf of the leg. The pain has since become much worse, and

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weeks, so much cardiac weakness as to make prognosis

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abetics, but as neuropaths. However, Ziehen* points

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surely it is our duty to our patients to employ all possible