the tendon had been torn from its attachment to the os calcis.
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believe the interest of the patient demands that the test
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Vincent's Hospital fifteen years ago. I may remark that she
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morally insane, the patients being addicted to self-abuse, purposeless
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Mott Moore, Jr., of this city. On March 28th, last, her right ovary was removed. She
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bags upon several successive days during which he eats a definite diet. The bags
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from time to time. In the more frequently occurring hemoptysis, which
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acid test of Stiles, differentiated the component parts
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times as many centigrams to a dose as their age in months,
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menting group of dj'sentery bacilli and B. paratijpliosiis B,
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ease, was stigmatized as the greatest absurdity, and
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ger of using medicines so very deleterious in their effects. It seems that
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the staff have unsurpassed opportunities for gaining experience
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TON, deputy surgeon-general, U. S. A., with permission to
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by palpation in front of the tumour mass. The tumour moves slightly
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/• The abnormal increase of Land Revenue in the BawaU
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and spring mouths, and the most suitable periods for marriage are the spring
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more accurate than those for the rest of the country, where reports
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Thompson, vice-president; Dr. George L. Peabody, trustee;
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Both the cervical and abdominal pain were aggravated by deep
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such as writing or pianoforte-playing; the cramp thus produced causing
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Sir : I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of
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analogous effects are produced upon the mucous mem-
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