diseases today is greatly enhanced by high tech (pap smears,

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Walnut Lane and Green Street, Germantown, Philadelphia.

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heavier border on the lower margin, quite typical of the condition

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relaxing the congested membranes and its effect upon the sympathetic

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often, especially in high tension, a difference of 20 mm. between that

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sorption. This condition doomed the patient to a life of misery,

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ber was pitifully meager when it was computed that 25,000 per-

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wiU only have a secondaiy influence on the movement of the blood

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sight in cases of disease of the nervous system to central damage,

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nearly identical with those of the plant itself; 2,

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(about 15 mm.). Under this patch of pachymeningitis the orbital

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to be used as an Antiperiodic, or in Malarial disease, and although, Dr-

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sprung up about the existence and extent of a fetal right to

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with a mild solution of boric acid. The silver-solution is to

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he borrows from Wigand, " so far from the head being pressed

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The tissue changes already produced we cannot hope to

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edges are nodular (lumpy), the hardening being most marked

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There was no redness or other sign of inflammation about the

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ing altogether. In an article published in 1896 Stiller ^

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rected against either platelet-specific antigens or more ubiq-

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even that proportion might be increased were it enacted that

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end of the sixty days treatment it seemed that rapid recovery would

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wick, the oldest practitioner in Houlton, Maine, died at hi«

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parently, but she had got a tremendously severe mer-