published a century earlier, had not the same ambitious scope). Not

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physician is to examine the vulva of the patient ; if the

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The object of this paper is to show the influence of mess-gear washing

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pounds, one teaspoonful; up to one hundred pounds.,

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my dying declaration as to the cause of the condition in which

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mucli according to the seniority of the student. A third

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the former case the disease is generally becoming more severe; in the

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recumbent position, the urine should be drawn off by catheter. All movement

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may finally lead to destruction of parts of the labia and fourchette,

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Knowing, as I do, the troublesome and incurable nature of this

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Who can refrain from smiling to see a hen, who has hatched a brood

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removal are made. The total absence of adhesions or any visible sign of inflam-

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in raising an amount sufficient to warrant the immediate erection of the College

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thra, and this, too, although its general! in a case of aneurism of the gluteal artery,

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more unstable than that of the male, and also that it

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ture, pinched facies, should make the physician very

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During the period intervening between the first cases at Devens

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arsenic is present in very minute quantity in a complex organic liquid

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44. Weinstein L: Thyroiditis and ‘chronic infectious mononucleosis.’ N Engl J

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medication ; and local applications are all required to

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irritability of the skin which results in artificial urticaria. Charcot has

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furnish such articles as have no superior in mechanical skill and