was spreading to India and the Colonies, and the Aberdeen Medical
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August 26th. — The splint and dressings were removed
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safeguards which have been instituted against its occurrence. Thus out of
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so that both the physical and the mental impairments are merely the
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in calculating upon success. But, gentlemen, we must recollect that
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of malarial cachexia. In 1877 Dr Stephen Mackenzie made a similar obser-
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tack, and the considerations urged there clearly set
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of that name at the back of the Palisades and partly in New
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If asked to define what the vital principle is, we should find
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there is plenty of space between the teeth and behind the
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thartics were given by mouth from the banning of the attack.
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Now It is just in these little unimportant, all-impor-
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or five grains, or even larger doses in the conunencement, and with such
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difficulty. If vaccination was begun after the treat with alcohol, it
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this might be mainly, I would suggest, attributed to the proper sewerage,
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Breisacher, in experiments on himself extending over thirty days, found
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upon either plain or adhesive paper, for use in addressing wrappers, envelopes, postal
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light, chemical affinity, electricity, motion, and otVer physical agencies, have
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little fine, gritty sand of uric acid on the diaper of the infant,
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of the results of the investigation has been made, but it is
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his and of Dr. Thomas Cox was wasted almost to skin and bone.