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vogue he wrote (p. 770) : "the root of the hair is inaccessible
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proper to state, however, that I have been unable to find in the
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As to the acute attack, in his experience the fumes from the various
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not cause intestinal paresis, but rough handling of the viscera
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sociate professor of otolaryngology; and Bernard B. Siegel,
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A review of the English literature of the last two years discloses only
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Other factors, such as the toxicity of the host's blood for
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tion and knowledge of whatsoever sort or description, and how-
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demonstrable. (Marchand: Centralbl. f. allgem. Path., XXII, 625-630).
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some. The process was interpreted as a very primitive mitosis, such as
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tion in a cylindrical container which is surrounded with
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available, and generally neglected, for 40 years. This
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condition. This is mixed wi^*!LT ^ '°"''''* »™'-fl™<l
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cytes with a few large cells, probably phagocytes; (4), degeneration
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Representative of that great class, the public, whom Doctor Weber
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digitalin has fallen is due to the comparative inactivity of the glucosides
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patient was shown, the tenth day since the operation, the appearance of
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abscess, apparently separate from the first, was opened and
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Members for life of the House of Delegates, delegates
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pelvis, so that it could not be completely emptied by means of the ordinary
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necessary in order to affirm a cure. There is no doubt that cough
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the Associated Charities at present have not sufficient funds for thorough
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electromyographic, myelographic and surgical findings, Arch.
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Encouraging hospital medical staffs to inform themselves
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fied Milk" that has been changed or reduced in any way, by the addition
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kept by the secretary of the State Society for that pur-
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for standard conditions both the calorimetric and plethymographic methods
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According to Dr. Imperato there are 349 health areas in
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period of three months, from June 1, 1911, to September 15,
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of statistical tables, that the growth of this great factor of
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he secured and retained the honor and respect of the public and the
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with the drug, some of them rarely. (In some instam j
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had created enough in this brief period for the world
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Optic Atrophy, by W. E. Bruner. X-ray plates from the case of heredi-
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Hercules will be those who tenderly yet sternly rid our national
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of which he is a member and sent to the secretary of the
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largely symptomatic. He agreed fully that the delivery should be as
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Solutions of thorium X have been substituted for the salts
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came to town ; he, being a great music lover, insisted upon