coma may occur in utero, the child being born with a large sarcomatous

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Laboratory Exercises in Botany. By Edson S. Bastin, M. A., late Pro-

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at least ten miles distant from the sea-coast ; the

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A paper on "A Case of Retroflexion of the Iris" was read by Dr

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Doses : H. 15-60. ; C. 30-60. ; D. 0.5-2.0. ; S. & P 5-10.

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nerally this is the result of gravitation and. not of phlogistic

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into a deeper coma, and died on September 1. Temperature,

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A Sims speculum was then introduced and the parts were in-

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vertebrae have been eroded, and compression of the cord, with resulting para-

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symptoms which put simulation pretty well out of the

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Z. Aud in consultation with the intention of operating, but, after talk-

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high, while the foot is extended, and the toes point

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W keT^nd pUoing tis head ^d f'tfovTiS hurtto^m a short time

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tender to pressure. She has been using a liniment prescribed by a

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States. He has, however, excluded some engineering questions,

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chromatin granules (chromidium) throughout the cell {e.g., tetramitus.

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per cent. In this country of recent years the type has tended to be

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on the incomplete figures just given. A study of the records of

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Chateaudun, three venders of a quack medicine were condemned in the

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period during which the bacillus may live in the tissues without multi-

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he had to attend the funeral of a distinguished member

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The sternal extremity of the clavicle and the sternum itself.

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lecithin of the dead tissues. Such an explanation, however, has failed

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most of all, in the gastro-intestinal disorders of infancy,

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cost $30,000, and accommodate three hundred patients.

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corresponding combination of movements. Since, he savs, the application of a stimulus to

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tirely due to contact infection. Winslow in 1901 studied such an out-

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seized by a terrible gust of wind, that raised him up

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worthy that there has been such a sudden rise in the

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block sections were cut, three of which proved to be through the chorion. In one of these

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the blood in these be increased by an excited state

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denly rising again, pawing with the feet and showing signs of

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Gastrointestinal symptoms occur in about 2 5 percent of

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xylol (dimethyl-benzol), it is ready for examination,