in importance to all other skin diseases put together.

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animal. Buchner's hypothesis that this bactericidal

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Case 4 (Fiirst). — The presentation was normal, and delivery took

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the normal movement sufficiently to injure the ligaments

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months after a severe purpura, signs of Addison's disease appeared

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the frog. Tetanic convulsions occur in the batrachian

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parts of the lung were observed. Cough and spitting came on.

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chiefly altered ingesta combined with mucus and the acid secretions of the

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Topische Diagnostik d. Gehirnkrankheiten, 1879. 52. PARKER, RUSHTON, and GOTCH.

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Dr. Wm. Cheatham : I believe if I had been the doctor I would have

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with a 2 to 1 rhythm. The length of the a-c periods in these tracings is

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— One attack, which came on immediately after last cauterising.

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protein C has recently been defined as a single point