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out — is much more favorable than the adult type of the disease — high or

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would also be desirable. An efficient cocain plaster,

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Clinton State Prison. The charges are direct and cir-

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Dr. Burder, Dr. Fripp. Surgeons, Mr. Coe, Mr. W. M.

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stantial rebatements to sons of registered medical men. If the

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not attended with a secondary fever, and it is rarely fatal. In

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such information was professionally confidential, will

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tions referred to showed that 26,561 persons were being

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they formed alliances and attachments which lasti'd

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Next to hydrotherapy, and probably superior as a remedy for reducing

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for the evolution of the cutaneous lesions, if not shortened, is at least not

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and the time for Dr. Woolsey Johnson to sign the by-

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tenderness of muscles ; inability to walk owing to pains in feet and legs ;

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accumulation in the bronchial tubes, serious consequences may follow blunting

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tient to the same dangers, although, perhaps, of less degree, as

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surgeon. In some rare cases the lameness is very excessive,

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pital, sphenoid, and ethmoid. Each is composed of an external and

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Art. 210. — On Injuries of the Axillary Artery occurring in Artillery

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fevers. The pulse varies in different cases which, although more or less