contact with it, but it does not succeed in preventing its evolution.

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tion to a physician's opinion concerning cause and effect of

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Department of the hospital. Consequently, the most important symptom was

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least 37,500 casualties per month per theater, or 12,500 per field

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repeated, and at 3 p.m. the temperature was 103^° F ;

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ed daily, and ended about the fourteenth day. The urine

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ally for gentle dilatation of the esophagus in spasm at the cardia, the most frequent

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progressive mental and physical enfeeblement, associated with symmetrical

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often, also, a furred tongue, and a foul breath ; but the disorder is

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220) : " My experiments so far lead me to the conclu-

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t Zoonouiia, sec. 37, 8, vol. i. of the Dublin edition of 1800, p. 529.

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Before being sworn in all applicants are given a lecture by the^

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laryngitis, the signs of obstruction are at first paroxysmal and followed

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ported deaths, 1,171 were from the same destructive

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the Foundling Hospital ; in about 41;^ of all cases ; (2) the

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vinces." It is known by the names of ' fat-fung,' ' ta-ma-fung,'

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both from the threatening dangers. Within the past 25 years

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i, ■^-'"•"'■-' ;-■■..,„,„. -Innl. ,1,,„1,. ,..L,. i„,i-,u.d. lH.,n,

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side not touching the ground. Through a semicircular incision

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have entirely disappeared; abdomen sunken and fiat ; skin considerably discolored.

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cystoider Bildung in der Biudehant des A niraplVls. Arch,

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Quarterly payments of 88 shillings and I pence are entered as being

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ment may be cautiously ingested when the improvement in the symptoms

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of the kidney, and furnishes the following report : —

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die. Especially in adults and in women because of compli-

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clamminess of month with coating of tongue, thirst, loss of appetite, nausea

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bright green color. The oxid of iron and also sulphites are used upon

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the nervous system. Yet we know from experience, unless in-

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elbows. In children the soft region about the ankles, and also the

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been called U|)on by the civil authorities to take charge

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The insane are often improperly considered, both by the pro-

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be distinct and readily discriminated from each other. For example, the

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test object, he would be recorded as having 3/20 perception for that

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been found in the fluid. All distinction between the corI«

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preventive and therapeutical resources by a careful

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more venerable ; religion, in the darkness of which, says

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that the life-style of the old faithful family retainer

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ated by sonography for compressibility, the presence