calculated to destroy a virus, and for this purpose antiseptics,

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in the red, fluctuating spot, and, dissecting carefully down-

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evidence of a secondary fever ; and with the exception of two of the

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induce patients of this kind to chew the solid food, and then either

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I shall, therefore, in future,' use the term Cerebral Hssmorrhage.

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periments for me as to the action of aqueous solutions of hydro-

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to 45 parts of the lithium solution. It should be noted

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ptoms — of aneurysm of the ascending aorta — of the arch — of the descending

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has so far forgotten himself as to attribute to me "the

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Red Writing Ink. 1. Best ground Brazil wood 4 oz., diluted

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weaker and of short duration. Yohimbine's peripheral autonomic nervous

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C. Fox has noted in a number of instances an eczematous eruption

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Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery, First Congregational Church ; Ophthal-

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have been recorded recently. The condition produces hemorrhagic infarctioo

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cxx. 385: cxxi, 55; 247. — lie Fort (L.) Sur un cas de

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the explanation of the phenomena presented in hemiplegia, or

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dreading removal. The least attempt to raise his head would

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amount of heat arising from the digestion and assimilation of the very

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about two years ago, in regard to a growth near the

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may be given, preferably white stale bread, or toasted, or one may use

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although there was very much less intercourse with Ancona in this

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chest was carefully examined, and no abnormal signs whatever

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Also: Med. Summary, Phila., 1895-G, xvii, 239- 241.—

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overfunctionating adrenals or thyroids produced arte-

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also had favorable results from the insertion of the long rectal tube (soft esopha-

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external surface being infiltrated. Histological examination was made

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laws could be passed that would prevent them drink-

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thyol, and a spica bandage.— Therapeutic Gazette,

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soldiers ; but our author claims that we would be wrong in altributing

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versity has just missed a great chance of at once becom-

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phoria may cause frontal headache. The impression gained

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each of the State Medical Societies, who, with the assistance of an

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hand, agreed closely with the characteristic developmental

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nervous system, that time with hard study will reveal to us.

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<io not appear to find a ready exit from the body. Very recently,

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hepatic veins at the point where the substance of the liver adheres to the