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cannot be flexed. It is remarkable that a precisely similar affection was
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only felt in banning to walk, and after a short time the patient walks
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by Walter F. Atlee, M. D. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1855.
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and intelligent. The left side of the chest was very dull on
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relief will suffice. Should the case be due to uterine, an
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spoke of a midwife who had had one thousand cases without a
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of a cancerous affection, of wliich he eventually died. The dru^-st pro-
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applied to the skin, inclusive of counter-irritation by mustard plaisters,
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present, but small, on both sides in one ; in another on the
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nourishing food and, as a tonic, half a teaspoonful of
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and is probably contagious from the period of incubation until far into con-
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of the building, which will now be at least eighteen
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years had charge of the aural department at a large hospital, and
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France. As one of its editors, when I noted the fact I rejoiced for
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return of the diabetes. Roberts, in his work on urinary and renal diseases,
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school is rapidly progressing, and when there is added the best desire
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to peculiarly favorable conditions of the country where they