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alcohol and ether, was dissolved either in ordinary water or in the
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there is seldom need for tongue-forceps or mouth-gag. The
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so nearly to have anticipated this conclusion, that I should scarcely have been,
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only one instance canned beets being responsible (Randell, Jour.
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reserved." One of these wards, cultured properly, had been entirely negative
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commences in the centre; a fact difficult to account for, and hardly
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of natural history, with the same exactness as is done
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asylum until his health became quite restored. I have lately been
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Another important point in the pathology is the occurrence of leucocy-
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until within the past two days, during which she has
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treatment, the eruption heals ; but the tendency to recur is great.
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microscope appearing as granules, nearly uniform in size,
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points were secured by torsion, the flap replaced, and
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On the other hand, an excessive perspiration is equally as harmful ;
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now they are conveniently disposed of by disease, a description of which is given
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good health. It is important to find out whether albuminuria is or is not
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delicate situations, but if a person is really suffering,
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of the bones in their sockets without muscular action, and doubtless
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so that he will not attempt a repetition while under treat-
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P. Burke, Esq., F. Cock, M.D., T. K. Hornidge, M.B.,
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