it is impossible to predict which of the conventional examinations will be

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period becomes once more dislocated, and we set out anew with a peri-

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tions enjoined with every prospect of a rapid convalescence. Water dress-

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military stations or of criticising them ; but rather

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Proposed Amendment. Sect. xiv. Insert the following

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endows maturity; original ideas are abundantly expressed, but personal impres-

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top of the bedstead), and suggested the weight of the

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this severe neurosis continues ; it appears to be due to exhausted nerve-

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Dr. Averill A. Liebow, one of the nation’s leading

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occurs at times, which upon boiling is changed to a well-marked

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ment have subsided. The infant must be removed from

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believing, but we do not admit that they justify the conclusions drawn.

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Chateaudun, three venders of a quack medicine were condemned in the

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Vaccine was spread on ordinary agar plates and incubated for

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the Medioo-Chiruigical College and Hospital of Philadelphia.

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Carmichael, D. a , surgeon, bureau order of October 5, granting

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average town rate was 26o3. The birthrate varies very

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arteries. Antimony relieves by its sedative effect upon the heart, but it

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London again and again was accused of starting the epidemics in the Provinces.

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ing. Carbon dioxide in the blood is the stimulant which excites this

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that was presented in the two clinical hours a week, was given in

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Dr. M. Birnbaum, of Toerpin, has made a most elabo- b!!S"[ ^^^ Physicians. 52.2

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First, it may be stated that the kidney of congestion is, by common consent,

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domen and epigastric region which, being opened, was

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unden und kranken Organismus. Arch. f. path. Anat., 1880, lxxxii, 437.

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occurrence of these substances may explain the negative subcu-

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day of the disease, and he had then the dark yellow hue

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Sir J, W. Moore said that in this discussion no one had men-

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again on the fourth^ and their intensity was rarely ever the

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United States of America, this twenty-first day of March, in the

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the everted eyelids quickly diminishes the amount of purulent