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pharynx were mixed in one-and-a-half c.c. of saline
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be delusions are sometimes found to be actual facts.
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cured ; and of 15 cases operated on after a longer interval than
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symptoms that are recognizable, and yet eventually develop definite ter-
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M.D.. D.Sc., F.R.C.P.Ed. Issued monthly, with Illustrations. Subscription jl, is.
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blacksmith, and in his early years plied his father's
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under his care, no physician would think preparation in all the lines of our profession
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same reason as above is given for it. Until the mother
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is not likely to condemn him, either before the institution which
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Philadelphia Hospital for Women, to the Rush Hospital for Consump-
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annual, together with its conciseness and convenient size, will procure it a wide
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oil followed by a light poultice. The best application is a mild mercurial
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unilateral one group of muscles after another will be invaded
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have there undergone a series of morphological changes.
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the firft time on the third or fourth day of the dif-
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Acute pericarditis being more frequently fatal than endo-
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on the 31st of January. jwant of muscular power, e. g., in rickets.
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at each point are quite confused. In practice, except for the pulmonary
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through some mishap, was not received, hence the lateness of this
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her bed, with symptoms of acute cystitis, associated with nephritis. The urine,
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a roller bandage. With this form of dressing you can re-
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or on palpation. Under proper treatment the prognosis is distinctly good.
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lowing table are given the average measurements obtained from
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Definition. Causation and relations with small-pox. Symp-
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At the word "Up" the patient raises his arm to the vertical position,
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appears, in consequence, to have been far greater than it really was.
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proposition that a vast deal of ill-advised dentistry is done
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presence of any irritating matter in the bowels, such as
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followed by a considerable bilious matter, very acrid to
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Ann. de la Policlin. de Bordeaux, 1893-4, iii, 261-263. —
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out fracture of nasal bones, or m^y carried to the thorax and diaphragm
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atrophy and functional inactivity. By some the glomerular changes are
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loss of surface tension, as observed by Traube (1908) ^nd confirmed by
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ried constantly, sometimes being held in the the use of laxatives to sweep out the intes-