The transmission of the poison also takes place indirectly, and flies may

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but not in seborrhoea. Yet on the face, which scales but slightly, and

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cases the Board requires a certificate from a college, accom-

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the antituberculosis crusade, but, I pray, let us not be-

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suria with extracts of the organ of Zuckerkandl and carotid gland (horse)

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efficient medical school, which was entirely managed by

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friends declare is quite unlike his usual manner. The face exhibits the traces

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bladder try chronic adhesions. « m the right side about one inch of the Fallopian tube

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attempted. He describes Litten's method of eliciting the

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!. whilst in every other hospital and ward it has I On the con-

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to Saviotti, dilatation without previous constriction. Collodion and ether act

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tion and sensation in the lower limbs; death in two Aveek?.

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after this latter than after pure white sugar. The addition of bread to the diet

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vessels. Occasionally a general septicaemia and pyaemia may super-

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utterly unconscious of all the circumstances connected with her labour. The

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therefore, to demonstrate rather that air or nitrogen emboli are not the

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charge through the brain, after a few years, may be so great as to cause

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substance wherein carbon is divalent, chemists are rather slow to accept his

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terial toxin which we see take effect on the peripheral circulation, but

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sional thick discharge from the glans, which bladder. The treatment adopted, without

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Vinegar, Cheap. — ^^^ix 25 gals, of warm rain water,

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Inhibition as a Local Anaesthetic. Inhibition is a local

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variety of way ; and when he came to Dr. B., he recommended him to

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Dr Bachmyer, formerly of Hume, has located in Lima.

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soul feels disburdened and freed ; by the act it relieved itself

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mal-nutrition, imperfect oxidation, and degeneration of tissues" (p. 151).

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'• The course proposed to be adopted towards the Militia

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Proofs of a child having been born alive — Evidence from changes in the foetal