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tortion of the contour of the shadow of the stomach
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The period of sleep afterwards varied from half an hour
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in the Army Medical School at Netley, England, and of Professor
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1. ,Sccrclari/—\^. C. PURSER, 20 Lower Ba.i^tjot-street.
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ticular area there were about fifteen such hospitals.
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ing parasites about the quarters of infested animals.
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flaccid gluteal muscles formed a bag or sac which simulated
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of eradication consists of widely opening the cyst,
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negative. It had increased to thirty-five per cent,
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ing from some trouble in the appendix, she was transferred
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after mid-day meal, when it rises to 99°. There is no
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hospitals, and detention homes on December 15th. As
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and a mild stimulating liniment applied, though not