croscopical abscesses. These lesions arc found, to a lesser or greater
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The patient now made a gradual and satisfactory re-
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normal by the natural processes of growth and may afterward undergo
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is the provision of quarters for recreation and the social side
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fever by the extension of pneumonia to new parts of the lung.
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Care to the Medically Needy also addressed the problem of
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to preserve to the patient the degree of vision that he is in possession
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seized by a terrible gust of wind, that raised him up
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d^rees divided into fifths, and be so marked as to be easy of perusal. It
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gation, is still involved in considerable obscurity. Doctor Grassi, in
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the pigment granules are coarser and darker in colour,
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from 20,000 to 30,000 is generallj^ present when the fluid is purulent.
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inches up the rectum, involving its entire walls, together
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all working independently, observed swelling of the joints and
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" Williams. — ' Entozoa from the intestinal walls ; ' in MS. to the
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tion takes place, and the other is the caecum or stomach of the lower
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as much as you have to keep the peace between the two coun-
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proved and was followed by monohypertonia, but the hemi-
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soon as the wound had healed the patient was kindly referred to me by