and some cold water was dashed upon her. She screamed violently, but
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officers of the army. The hospital is now under charge
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dlMft larynx a corrosive acid through a pipette, the extremity of which had
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labored with pulmonary tuberculosis in all its phases, and
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healthy. In the former case the degeneration may be localized in the affe'cted
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circular^sent through the mail announcing that an inspector
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of the left arm and some minimal ataxia on finger-to-
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ing of the blood as well as by reflex effects from the nerve-
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action, and if the patient becomes pregnant, a cure may result.
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tionable case of this kind, in which for nearly a week there
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This was the only part of Hamburg that received Altona water, and it
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epileptic seizures at intervals of two or three weeks to as
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the urine, after the use of cardiac diuretics, copious libations, or
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pending paralysis. The amnesic form of aphasia has begun to
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Moreover, the trocar, for safety, required the addition of a
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dren’s Bureau Publication No. 325. Ethel C. Dunham,
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1873, total cases of all diseases, two hundred and thirteen : deaths, thirty-
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But though more cases are thus brought under the term, it still remains
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from four to eight large discharges daily. Early in
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draw a line between accidental and unavoidable hemor-
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pernicious bacteriological agencies might make themselves act-
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Program (REACH) — The committee agrees with the pri-
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Cask 3, Section W. — Jolm Robertson, si'coiid lieutenant, Sixth
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on the incomplete figures just given. A study of the records of
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Tentride, the heart grows broader, and assumes a more spherical form.
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starch into dextrine and maltose.^ The amylopsin of
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into the flour, then add the dripping or butter, mixing well
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out on the spinal fluid certain reactions are looked
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The bacteriological methods to be employed in the examina-
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of the arm occur, preventing its proper use. The muscles subjected to strain