ation of the diphtheritic virus by trichloride of iodine, by heat, and by

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the attention of British pathologists to haematocele in 1853, Dr. Tilt had only

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Lower res p iratory infections , including pneumonia caused by

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most marked, because it is the kidneys themselves which most suffer

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in inoculated monkeys,* thus acting as "carriers." Whether or not the iSaaat

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to wit, and which, on motion was referred ton committee consisting

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exhibited. If possible the mercury should be given by inunction and

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off with an hypodennic syringe or aspirator. The average duration of

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Per dozen boxes of 12 generous vials, each . . . $7.50

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ing fatal, especially when it attacks young children, in a large majority of

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average duration of the disease is greater in typhoid

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yellow to reddish, or colorless; color in media, none to red to deep purple, almost black,

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made. First, an educational qualification should be demanded

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great ant-eater resemble closely those of the primates.

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stimulation, while nature transacts the business of reparation

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my intention is merely to remind that, notwithstanding the great

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fluid, but which, from the very nature of things, unless brought from a

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Lucerne, Switzerland, September 19-21, 1904. A circular issued

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2. Autogenous defibrinated blood, obtained preferably during the

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cause, in the vast majority of cases, a preceding acute or

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fevers in the form of decoction, and is especially useful in inter-

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the New World annually is in weight equal i connected together in chains of two, three,

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For a service requiring little skill, then a small fee; but for a service

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to the spots where certain plants are most likely to be

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in the ordinary test-tube, with the urine over a spirit-lamp

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was formerly given in dropsical complaints. The juice

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directly involve the integrity of the epithelial lining of the uriniferous

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Those of us accustomed to the process know that the organism

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rooms. This series died of anthrax in 5 days, showing that probably the

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or original but to emphasize what is already known to most of you,

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