were [jrescribed that night, but gave no relief ; the
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in breadth in the right parietal region. The dura was opened and
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perishing with the royal bride, the babe with grandsire ! Mourn we may :
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so as to protect the point of the blade, is necessary ; this hook
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possible had been maintained before, but experimental
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and physical examination, and how often a wrong diag-
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Such sudden deaths were presumed to be caused by either an
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transversely, while in the sac they are more longi-
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have difficulty meeting the costs of a serious or pro-
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urethra well up with a sound, there should be no danger
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tinues in the scar. The improvement and perfecting of the
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Rontgen rays have been tried, without any good result. An ex-
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ions, the current will no longer be carried entirely by nega-
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does not come under the clas o^ -- ‚Äěterio-sclerosis, the
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Series IV. Vol. V. of the Memoirs of the Academy of Sciences of the
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inmates 30 have substance abuse problems requiring treat-
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(2) Died of wounds received in action (DOW). This term
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with perhaps only slight swelling and functional derange-
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here added for the information possibly of some of the readers of the Journal.
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the insane. Under well devised methods of out door employment
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two or three large doses of subnitrate of bismuth. During
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consequent disease. In this connexion Levaditi sections were made of
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After-history : A healthy living child was born on September 16, 1906 ;
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for diseases which now come under the head of urremia,
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evidently believed the story, though he too omits the
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course of rivers are exposed, even more it may be than the low lands
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The defect of co-ordinating power over the upper extremities is shown by
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harm than good to come from the passage of a bill such as
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