would become necessary to prevent disease; and the present method
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"the industries of the state in producing a revenue sufficient to
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than B uhlalu se, whose names were Yendzese and Cilose. There girls
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entirely new set of symptoms commenced, denoting cerebral and spinal
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Many authors, however, admit that these nervous changes are them-
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brown, and black may be taken as the types. The various stages of pigmen-
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three teachers in the union school do the work of five in un-
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was 23,891. Since the formation of the Association in 1882,
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formed into HC1 presents no difficulties. Such determinations acquire, under
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associate, and they beg to extend their warmest sympathy
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JOtk Annual Meeting, held at 8t. Paul, May SO, ■)/, and June 1.
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surface and to the right side of the falx cerebri. The skull
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is one that almost carries conviction with it. The inter-
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attempted. He describes Litten's method of eliciting the
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pendent of any lesions of the internal organs, exerted powerful effects upon the character of
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the clergy, who monopolized learning and filled the so-
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examined long term care residents who were new users
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Cats : How to Care for them in Health and Treat them when
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Concentrated Potatoes. — A bushel of potatoes averages sixty pounds ; when all
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for several weeks. He then became fidgety and cross, lost his
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had diminished on account of these precautious or Ijecause of the gen-
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evolution or even disappearance of the exanthem in this type, re-
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weight was considerable — in the first week after operation
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further time must elapse before suitable preparations for
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Neurasthenia is discussed under the heads of: (c) simple, (2) toxic,
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districts the peasants have disposed of all their cattle, so their