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enumerate the many interesting points embodied in this
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four hours in camp here before I was ready to admit that "all is not
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I shall not weary you by quoting authorities or introduc-
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provement from the start. It soon began to itch in and
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thing that I might say before an audience likely to share it.
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used on the face and lids, and a weaker solution, say 1-8000, in the con-
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Ambulatory Patients. Since sedation, dizziness, and occasional eu-
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and cover quickly with oil silk or oil muslin. After pain
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pulmonary embolism. As regards the outlook for the local circulatory
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valve so far falls short of perfect reparation as to remain
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occurs, a few drops of the eosinate of methylene blue is added, the
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reason. He then noticed suppurations on the lingers,
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The above instances show how the diagnosis of an ap-
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By January 9, i.e. two months after admission, the swell-
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thanks to Sir Joseph Lister, these causes have been got
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and published figures of Dr. Douglas Maclagan. ยง These concretions
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enough for some, he would not say that it is so to-
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in attempting the President's removal have been suppressed. I
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it will be completely dissolved."'- It is evident therefore that
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0-145 grm. of fat out of 0-644 grm. had disappeared from the intestine,
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both for the very reasons given above, and because there are bred
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not responsible for the views advanced by any contributor.]
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scientific proceedings of the Association for each session,
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The preceding facts, says Dr. O'Shaughnessy, seem unequivocally to show, that when