mal prominence and pulsation in the upper sternal region.
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deep reflexes were active. Ankle clonus was dtmonstra-
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ous centres, such as hyperaemia and anaamia of the brain or its me-
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pathological processes of a sudden character, such as extensive injury,
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transfer, an anterior-posterior transfer, a side-to-side trans-
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siderable difficulty with the patient who presented a
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on The Treatment of Fractures by Mobilisation and Mas-
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gerate the protein metabolism by casting into the circulation an excess
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In some cases it may be necessary to distinguish meningitis from the n*-
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280 Dr Clarke'5 Medical Report for Nottingham. Jaly
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He has tried mercury, sarsaparilla, &c. hut is not aware of having done
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forcemeat balls, and hard eggs. Gravy from knuckle of veal or a
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Legislature did not subsequently amend the statute so as
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the pulmonary foci as the primary colonizations of the
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lation of an adequate amount of nutriment either with or without the o(v
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This is a much more comprehensive work than the former, not only
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day, in " a wine glass full of milk or other fluid,'
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Tongue coated with thin, white, transparent coat ; the
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States, was called to prescribe for a small tumor projecting just outside the
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dreading removal. The least attempt to raise his head would
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ten grains every hour, until the third day, when, the mem-
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hypertrophy, forming a highly characteristic sign. The apex-beat is therefore
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regimen lessens by one-half the housewife's burdens,
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