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able condition for any operation that may be at any time undertaken with the

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have said as to the laity's inability to distinguish

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The patient's mother is still living, at the age of sixty-five, but

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were demonstrated before the Ophthalmological Congress at Heidelberg.

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inflation and distension of the bowels, heartburn, thirst, quick, frequent,

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Medical Department, late surgeon to Stanley's expe-

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As long as they do not interfere with animal, the best way,

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deed, that the virulence and active diffusion of th^ microbe is

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Lecturer on Ophthalmology, Otology and Laryngology.

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Crus cerebri. The origin of the third nerve from the crus cerebri lends

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faradisation {i.e. when one electrode is placed over the trunk of

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own mind is not yet clear in the matter, since I have

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stools of patients, is maintained by such high authorities as Dr.

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dition, and nitroglycerin is usually of more avail than nitrate of amyl,

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If the skin be carefully pinched up over the tumour, and

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diseases. In this department of medical study, individual diseases

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these are the only traces left of the postero-lateral and pos-

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Studies of the Wassermann Reaction on Syphilitic Exudates. —

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ciples to guide us ; such as, that for the production

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appear in apparently healthy individuals. Toxic causes, such as syphilis,

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is utterly inadequate to account for the statistics of aphasia given

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On September 14, 1857, Dr. G. Passavant, of Frankfort-on-

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and heart to action by sending to those organs a current of

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variety whose source lies in a primary ectasis of the thorax.

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does not think irrigation essential, but it may hasten

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.5. The action of the same Antiseptics and Substances upon

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In advanced malaria the blood shows a diminished number

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isolated by ISTencki in 1876 from various organic substances undergoing

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as well as American, had, in their widely-extended range of

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termed pernicious to distinguish it from cases of ana-