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The name Diphtheria or Diphtheritis is derived from the Greek
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To obtain more information on eligibility, salary and fringe benefits, write or
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ing influence on the scanty stroma of the lymph-gland, con-
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States. He has, however, excluded some engineering questions,
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associated with enlargement of the head of the pancreas which have come
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ters and muscular contractility, equally point to integrity of the spinal
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were by no means symmetrically disposed. — Med. Times and Gazette.
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2, The Parenchimatous or Hyperplastic Local Urethritis. — ^This is, in
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children, and is simple in his tastes, than it would be to the man who,
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been a water-gilder for seventeen years before he was attacked.
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Many doctors have no idea of the number of inquiries which come
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