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One other action after an epileptic fit, although rare, is important. A
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question whether the agglutinins can be transferred with the
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what they purport to be, but the more crude and comparatively cheap
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treatment was indicated, whether it would be lavage or the use of
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of it, "that it benefits more rapidly and' effectually than anything else;
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had come on gradually, as on admission the Resident Medical
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of the intestinal mucous memorane). In seventeen cases of typhoid these bacilli were
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condition of chronic interstitial nephritis in one animal (pig A), which
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fluids is practically always as prompt as in normal fluids.
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“Ironically,” some observers claim, “the medical
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Where absolute rather than comparative results are desired, of course the
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hut because they bring the patient into a better frame
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Not rarely the hair, and often the eyebrows and lashes, fall out during the
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primarily a degenerative neuritis, at times degeneration of
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Births, Marriages, and Deaths are inserted i'ree of Charge,
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may contribute to a fatal result. Occurring in pregnancy it is apt to lead
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us within six months. He had different ideas of quarantine
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In this case, a large quantity of greenish-yellow fluid, mixed with pus,
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The Jennison Exploring and Indicating Sound is a wonderfully con-
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