gastric juice, is not uncommon in cases of gastric ulcer, and,

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While in the past the use of wine as a medicinal agent has been

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divisions of Wundt — -thus producing melancholia or mania, and it has

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members, with tenures of 9 or 10 years based on terms

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dressing. To an ounce of this may be added cocaine, ten grains, or

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study, the number of true hyperplastic tuberculoses of the intestine

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color waves which differ by one wave length collect at

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The nations of southern Europe were socially divided at

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is determined by a persistently high opsonic index. The bactericidal

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Hence, to determine any influence of the water in a small number

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though the fits continue. This illustrates the fact that is observed in many

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took me more than twenty minutes to find. I recall one

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persons, in 1890 one to every 628. These statistics thus bring

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submitted to all the experts of the British, French, and Italian forces,

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secutive to, and dependent upon, a tuberculous deposit. There has been

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doe not'co fi'^e so'long as the puking and purging, always d.appear^

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that, whenever possible, a twenty-four hour specimen should be

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ture and the need for some efficient means of equalizing the temperature

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chronic farcy the patients experience for some weeks pains in the limbs

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The following measurements of the patient's temperature,

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These are, to a certain extent, physiologic. They depend upon the

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imposuerant ? Statius igitur esse putavimus nos in rudis ingenii cri-

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Ij^ntral Alabama town with 17,000 population and a trade

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could be obtained at least a year after operation, and the results were

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blue, insufferable cramps come on, and the victim's death occurs in a few hours

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to mingle with our confreres across there in order that we may

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regions of the body ; for glanders may attack almost any

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globin. Whether this latter was not a case of aplastic pernicious

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would be particularly impolitic for the Berlin University

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vaccination scar of less than 15 years' duration. He reports 2

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Thomson in discussion has frequently referred to the danger in this operation

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medicine; and while making some severe remaks on the practice of

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most intimately associated — one organ and its function are made