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passed away, she enjoyed good health, was plump and well-coloured,
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sugar, and contains, if pure, about 40 per cent, of Igevulose, 35 per cent,
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annihilated in two months an incurable disease, which ravaged our
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because they did not visit places infested with Dermacentor nitens,
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now in possession of Professor Turner of the Edinburgh University,
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creasing the exudate. It is contraindicated in an effusion of both sides.
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Professors Owen and Huxley. This is the more to be deplored, as
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V. A PREPARATION, showing the result of an operation for liga-
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adding 1 tablespoonful of spir. meliss. composit., G.P., or spirits of pep-
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In performing the test, plants are made every 2^ minutes up to
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after inoculating the last tube before a plant from the first tube
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cially in his own department ; and it will be sufficient to mention,
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these recommendations, however valuable for utility and economy,
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It is evident that an apparatus of this sort, which consists
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Beef, hare, chicken, partridge, carp " 1.0 — 1.5 " "
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necessarily imply that it is diphtheritic in its nature. The points
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ponds to that of the other biological reactions; and that this
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neck of which may or may not be pervious. It is to these latter
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tincture of cinchona. We can also use a wineglass of iron and quinine
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ammonii suecinici. All of these, especially the first two, are particularly
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to make sure that the bladder is emptied every 4-6 hours. Electricity
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walls giving way. He remembered a case in which the cyst burst