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varying from 30* to -0" or les«, with the datum-line a b. The head 1b
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become infected by a circuitous path ; consequently infective nephritis
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journal clubs, as well as a reading room for users of the historical materials.
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except the local application of astringents. The frequent use of a strong so-
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stitute of Radiology, 510 South Kingshighway, St. Louis,
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Organism al Contents of the Lungs. — Barthel (Centralbl. f. Bakt.
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“burping” out words. Some persons learn to speak
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brutes, because they lack the essential qualities of men, in ilot
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Shortly after this he became subject to epileptic fits and convulsions.
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negative inotropic effect in isolated animal tissue
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In a third case (1894 ; age 1 year 4 months ; ill thirteen days with cough ;
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great debility. On the fourteenth day of fever his tongue was black
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effects leads to more disturbance of the functions connected with nutrition,
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^d. — Patient had excruciating pain in the eye operated upon,
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General Appearance. — Patient is tall, well-developed, and of
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there be any such) ? And, above all, what are the agents by which
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was immediately rinsed out with hot water and filled with
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subjects upon which it has shed valuable light — the healing of
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policies followed in the preparation of these financial statements.
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nose and throat specialist, died August 17, 1963, at
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some of the common causes of limitation of its activity, its
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eleven o'cfock. In an hour afterwards the child appeared ill, but did not i
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which I happen to be medical attendant. In this establishment there
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the surface of the body. The two plates first mentioned I consider the
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ly, those with the longest initial scores for the mile run,
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may result the moment the individual falls into the
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tion. Dr. Bombin first cauterizes the surface of the sore
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be paid for advice, however given^ the physician is asking nothing
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of clinical reports, distinguished and esteemed for their signally
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endeavoured to prove that what was new, true, and valuable
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whom fresh attacks have occurred in adult life who were also victims
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Parker and Jenkins, I dilated the cervical canal with