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centage of autopsies recently, was kind enough to comment on the
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parotitis occurs from the irritation of a calculus,
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limited extent. A further study of the normal tissue fragments has
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siih'. so that nltitiiati'ly thr ciTi'lu'llar nirti'X is I'linni'i'ti'd with thi' spinal
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(figure 5). He had been treated in February 1947 for
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transferred to a new drop of the medium, in which it has been pre-
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Thoroughly equipped for all the approved therapeutic measures. Insulin, metrazol and
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nor any part thereof be bought, sold, or in any way disposed of by any member of this
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of the knee-jerk we are therefore enablcl to form an est. ma e of he
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cepted and the committee was asked to prepare a suit-
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deerec of response of the fever patient. llo\M'\ el', \aries consideralil>
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iiaiii.-lv. til.' laiti.' :i. i.l. ^Iiidi w.' kin.w is i,. a. lily ...I Imuh -Inc. .so, may lireak (Imvii
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regulations governing the distribution and sale of milk. About 1,400
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The Wassermann test was positive; the blood culture negative.
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was a cystic 0.3 cm. mass which, on pressure, extruded
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been formed by a rupture of the separating wall between several adjoining
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they are more or loss rolatcd to purine (lia\ ; (? one of the urea radicles
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M'liiiii 1m i.nMJ ;i ,|i,iii„.| .li'vfiTc i.i' f,.v.'r i I(i:i r.l, „m<| f.imi.l i||.,i
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breeds which were placed under strict government control. A state
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to the iiroenee of ;iccessor\ piliiitaiv nialciial silu.itcd in the dura malei
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tinuous cultivation under artificial conditions. The usual transfor-
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nationwide area and we wish to thank you for the sup-
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normal. The gallbladder was of normal size and shape
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organism is the crucial test in establishing the diagnosis, and there*
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Session will be characterized by efficiency and dili-
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should b€ supplemented by a synopsis of the clinical history and by the
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and upon the certificate simply of the regular inspection under the
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have been kept under observation in the Pathological Division during
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Regulation IS. — An ante-mortem examination and inspection shall be made of all
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slaughtered for export or interstate trade, the condemnation of all
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exceptionally palatable source of complete, high-quality
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history is not remarkable. Daily, he has taken a drink of gin and smoked
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extreme cloudy swelling of the viscera, renal epithelial necrosis and
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information regarding receipts, shipments, and amounts of products on which to base their
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assumed that the total number of condemnations reported by the recently appointed city
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The water-closet for men in the canning room Is separated and well flushed, though
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rendering establishment in any State or Territory or the District of
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«...ii.i Mrn.iRlv r..nmni.n.| iM |.. ui'.il l.v .inv wli.i iii.iy .l.-iie fiirlli. r iiiformati.m."
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and clinically tested reagents, solutions, stains and culture
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Benzedrine Sulfate, by safely depressing the overweight patient’s appetite,
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hilar exaggeration with disseminated, ill defined nodulations
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commerce there shall be placed by a Department employee at the time of inspection at