deviations from the normal state. Hence, under favorable circum-
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with a Medical School, where Dr. Belluomini, the principal physician of
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dwarfed condition rather attracted my attention and I asked Dr.
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syphilis in the case. At that time he gave her a course of mercury and iodide,
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one room to another, had been seized with distressing
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There is the greatest difference of opinion concerning the
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except once for a period of two days. The duct was dilated so
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ties. — Dr. WitARTON Sinkler read a pa]ier with this title. For
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thev give themselves up to the singular desire of eating earth.
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substantive offense, punishable as such, for any person to ad-
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clinical grounds to be diphtheria, in 102 to be doubtful, and in 87 to be
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The Thiersch method of skin grafting is often success-
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lation and imperfect decarbonisation of the blood. A substance
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any alterations required in the by-laws and standing rules.
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of the right cavities. — (Piorry.) Soon the circulation
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dipped into the fluid and distributed over the cover-glass.
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first instance, to enlarge the orifice according to Colles's method, and
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Later on mercury and iodid of mercury should be used. A
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trumped education over the years is a truth few medical deans would
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voisier and published in his work on "Diseases of the Biliary
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has come to the conclusion that the angle formed by the
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fairly established. The remarkable recovery of this man, recalled to my mind
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for the disease to diffuse itself throughout the length of the cord, uid
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gradual dilation, which has given relief from most of the
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associate, and they beg to extend their warmest sympathy
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branch of a tree in the Thiergarten. There was well-marked cutis
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instructors. The process of "gavage" is a refined procedure
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the sanguine irritation or inflammation of the lymphatic vessels and
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acceptable to physicians generally. He was of humble
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next day, at the upper anterior portion and the lower posterior portion of the
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indicators furnish different dissociation constants, it is possible, according to Frieden-
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lithotrity, considered and einployed 'ds a snbstitutefor lithotomy,