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command a dominant influence in any community goes with-

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few, COOH groups, and at the same time slightly basic

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photography into clinical medicine, and the more general

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lesion and its pulmonary complication in the nervous system, and

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(See p. 356.) If, then, for some reason or other the apex-beat be absent, we might be

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troduced in this manner to flood the country, the real

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practically quiescent, there being little movement either of the individual

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admission to the hospital. The attack seemed to have

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LvMi'ii Noni: TriiEKciiLosis ui uiNci (Jiiu.diiooi) lo'.i

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is displacement with mobility. The most important fixed displacements

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aside from restricting active operative surgery in cer-

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In the plar.ts and animals of higher organization we can

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a very lively and active part in its management. Dr. Nugent

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in Fig. 314. The method depends upon measuring the time required by a known

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principal reason for accepting the invitation, was, however, lost

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issuing ray is bent from it ; the two rays are, therefore,

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maximum — in meningitis the maximum is reached in four or five days;

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great that there is much laceration of tissue in their separation,

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of earth, in excavations — such as most physicians have seen among

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is furred and dry, the patient can taste nothing, and cold water is the

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Glands, Head, Trunk and Extremities, sified according to their special applications.

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there is little room to doubt that such infections have been due, in a

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Eddyistic — diseases, etiology, 469 ; epidemic, respon-

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tails or particular extent thereof to lay before you.

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colonies which in time may overshadow the characteristics of a secondary

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Spirit of Orange. Spirit of wine, essence of orange, or neroli,

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legislation which hinders it. Time was when fear restrained

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standing a delicate conformation of the body, and a subjection

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of dead bodies is defective, as it is likely to involve the most im-

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to the actual effect of the bodily disease upon the mind; and this is commonly

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wards and backwards, and emerging opposite the angle of the-

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Mucus. The constant presence of large amounts of mucus in the