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ago she had an obstinate attack of flooding, previous to which the

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of the head of a pin (colonies of fungi). Besides this, weak, dull-

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in the room and see an anesthetic administered in ordinary way. The rubber bag

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frequently delayed death for 5 hour. The pupils remained small,

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achieved a well-grounded celebrity in Medicine or its collateral

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they took place without the aid of medicine ; and after the

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The Second Edition of The Medical InstitutioTis of Glasgow

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conditions as above outlined would be aggravated by relative

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recent years. Unfortunately these formerly excusable evils

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lums in Ireland. These figures show an increase during the

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otber mucous tissues of a watery exhalation or perspiration de-

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VOL. XXXVIII. No. 11. N0^T:MBER, 1880. Whole No. 455.

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1, a primipara, on November 8th, from pyaemia, and 1 in April, also

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ant, in a recent lecture, said : "Of 1,335 persons who

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the transfer of inflammation and pain quickly takes place from

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three-per-cent carbolized oil, and also tendons which have been pre-

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oxidizable metal. By the action of light, the same effect

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use only since 1896. Operation late in tlie disease accounts partially

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second medical friend of Dr Murchison's, who had never had gout, and in

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The blood in the cavities was mostly fluid, presenting only here and there a few

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fortunately into the stomach. This ease of entrance was

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Some patients who present to the emergency room with

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spirits, such as follows, for instance, an attack of ty-

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traction will take place in another direction, and by degrees will

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the advantage of every physician to have this whole library at hand, the volumes are sold

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these respects it differs widely from circumcision.

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ite slightness of the light-and-color stimulus, is also not appre-

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Notwithstanding the mildness of the disease so produced, there is no

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great tendency to a prolonged secretion of sanguinolent matter

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