In the second category I place cases which are chronic from the outset.

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The central parts of the bodies of all of these vertebrae are softer than normal.

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the whole period of gestation, and after parturition, but was rendered milder by the appear-

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chloroform were used* in all; the child was not profoundly asleep at any time.

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childbirth, or, failing this, to recognize this lesion and repair it

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for in doubtful cases. The segments themselves never leave the

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should interfere with an otherwise favourable course of the

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treated by tapping the skull ('Lectures on Diseases of Children/ p. 130) ; ' ^

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of motion has been already considered. Convulsions occurring in the

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necessity be created; since, it shows so vigourous a condition of

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of most value ; if permanently above 120 in an adult, or 130 to 140 in a

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