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were quite normal, and unaccompanied by any echo or splashing.
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mation, and had obtained with it very satisfactory results.
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47. A Man who had made a good Recovery after Trephining for
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flammation of an erysipelatoid nature, and it is a matter of
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red and reddish-black. The reaction may be weakly acid (diminished
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locular, of various forms, generally without a spiral twist, capable of
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Now the mention of bacteria or " germs " leads one to speak
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in the adult, which give rise to symptoms similar to
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by large vessels, which stood out in bold relief. A long narrow bit of sponge
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acetic acid, ammonia in excess, morphium is immediately pre-
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ated by sonography for compressibility, the presence
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The prognosis is favorable, as far as life is concerned, but the fearful,
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first test should be made while the patient is lying down.
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the two pieces of the dressing when brought together.
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per second. Myriad feeble impulses crowd upon the ventricles, whicli
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and a little pus was found on syringing out the canal.
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they are not always attended by paraplegia, and of cases in which this sym-
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a coexistence of the two diseases occurs. Some, upon the same
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•'marked decrease." This morning the Parisian dailies exhibit
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FOR RENT — Doctor’s suite, second floor, new building,
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able adult dose. When there is partial arrest of the gastric secre-
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inhibition. 6. Ilsemic murmurs are more readily inhibited
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