watch should be kept upon tbe morals of the females em-

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validity of the non-bacterial etiology of poison oak

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vincial certificate in any of the Provinces, for teachers' license, or

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with bellows," (Phil. Trans. 1667, No. 28, p. 539,) and confirmed the truth of the

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motor nerve, but a mixed nerve ; and the cervical and

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44. Mrs. a. F.^, aet. 32, July 28, '98. Variety, spasmodic ; dura-

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that the stomach of these patients is the seat of a

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year since last attack. Takes only 3.75 bromide of potassium at night. He

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digestion is feeble ; also in the case of young children.

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special studies would never lead them, and develop in many ways

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Frequently, no doubt, the condition of the affected bits of lung here

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and she died at the end of three months from malnutri-

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legiate Committee, which has been adopted by this Institute, to-

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made in this manner : the dry ingredients are to be rubbed together, afterwards

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and spread through that city with prodigious rapidity. Some-

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It is quite well determined now that their comma-bacillus

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dict, in a ijcrfectl}- overwhelming manner, the doc-

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Cal., and report by telegraph to the adjutant general of the Army

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be delusions are sometimes found to be actual facts.

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were enlarged, the mesenteric glands were enlarged, es-

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1 vr!o|)nu'ntal inlluence coming direct from the mother

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cases of old persons, for among them are patients in whom

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Plants are living beings, although this is not affirmed

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" May be consulted with advantage by older practitioners." — Austr.

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inectomy is performed, minimal posterior migration of

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Case III.— Edward Y., aged 22 years, single, a patient of

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before deatii occurs the inclination to lethargy is not so great

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irrigation of the sinus through the natural orifice by way of the nose,

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tainty and detects the slightest fault in rhythm, and, of

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tion of France, compiled with great accuracy and published

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