On January 27, of this year, she applied for a midwifery card, and expected to
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said health officer shall issue the permit hereinbefore specified, without charge:
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ence. The speciality of the new objective is that the
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cup custards (all sweetened with saccharine), or fruit (except strawberries and
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count of a possible excess due to fashion, too unfa-
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front on the part of the health forces, is coming more and more
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imponderable and incommensurable quantity of it is sufficient to set
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several days to develop, with sensations of great heat and itching. Under
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polypus-forceps. The manipulations here are the same as for
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none of his cases belonged to any but a very mild form of tetanus, so that it
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discontinued for twenty-four hours hemoglobinuria will clear up if
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We have done a great deal for the improvement not only of
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The febrile movement is generally moderate. The pulse has not the
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tingviished as acute or chronic. The former are circular and punched-
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spot in question and was delighted to see the stain
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regulated should their lives be as regards both mental and
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vesiculcE, pustulce, and, in the confluent eruption, bulloe.
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to the ovary, which is grasped by the fimbriae, and through the
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the lateral pyramidal column. The condition was bilateral,
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well and good ; but we use two ounces if necessity re-
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nex of the Exposition, notwithstanding its distance,
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several attacks of rheumatism previously to my attending her, and that she had
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the Vice-Presidents of the Section on Surgery for the next meet-
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cf weariness, and regular habiU regarding sleep. The mind should be
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water are laid to his extremities, and warm poultices with mustard
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In all disease, next iu importance to Treatment, is
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which is easy for them is formidable to one of limited
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muscles so florid in a case of so much obvious congestion.