tated by his final illness. From 1884 to 1894 he was secretary of
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jugular veins full and pulsating, systolic blood pressure 190, diastolic
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posed by M. Hougolin. It consists in heating earth to a tem-
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mother of the illegitimate newborn child as being in most cases
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Corps and is at present on duty with the hospital unit at Stockton, Cal.
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or three weeks and a few larvae became no larger than when they
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About 3 a.m. on June 14, 1895, he was called to a case which
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the ovary is physiologically subservient to that of the anterior
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ated. 5. Retraction of the sides of the wound under the
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received his commission as Captain in the Medical Reserve Corps,
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as in the act of using, indicate beyond a doubt a suicidal act.
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will fall along a general mean ; It will be made fit for a certain determinate
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probably fruitless. The subject may be considered profitably
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nephritis and myocarditis. After a stay of several weeks in the
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it i- certainly verj inferior in this respecl bo G. fasciatus.
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proved, but they do not demonstrate those facts. But it is
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Figure I.- — Showing the effect of the growth hormone upon growth, nitrogen
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necessary to provide good physicians for the state? and
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given to both second and third year students. Dr. Clarence F.
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is accompanied by the acquisition of an electric charge by the protein
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they show that, in any given case, it is better to make experi-
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rests upon a seat when the water is not flowing through the