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and conducted with sufficient thoroughness to warrant the

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man has reported. I operated upon a case occurring in a man seventy-

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disease, the rules for managing which liave l)een given in a previous sec-

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superfluous to mention the asepsis of the parts and

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235 Feeling of irritation in the lar)nix in the morning causing to

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on the case. The surgeon will be influenced by its site, its character, and,

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North America, and which in 1894 became known in Germany by the

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In these few Avords are defined the whole of the duties of an expert who

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obtained by the latter named gentleman in his private

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other situations open to examination. Pulmonary tuberculosis does not

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tion passed. The next day, the pulse was very rapid,

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housing, maintaining, and shipping medical supplies in accordance

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+ + + complete agglutination; ++ fair agglutination; + trace of agglutination: — no

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assessment, or make the report required, on or before

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liquids, the latter being frequently taken in large quantity, and pe

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at one of the village inns, where they made her as comfortable as

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inoculations bacilli can be seen in every instance in twenty-

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similar nature, and that they were cases of circumscribed gangrene

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Egyptians. Those tablets generally showed the name of the

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will not be more than four and a half inches. In the healing

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the vitreous, when the incision is extended backward six

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policies followed in the preparation of these financial statements.

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taneous injection of five c.c. of the most favorable virus, sera were

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let the belly be well fomented with hot spirits and laudanum, bladders

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one alone, the different kinds producing toxins similar

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symptoms. His pulse could not be counted, as he is very

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blood, although blood from the spleen taken at the proper time in well

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Holmes s "System of Surgery," vol. iy. p. 707, says :-

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shown by the fact that it has been practically abol-

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least as the names of certain homceopathists are con-

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rhagic diathesis. By a former wife he had a daughter,

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subsequent inflammation about the head of the radius.

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precede it or if any lesion of the brain be inferred from the history

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parently, but she had got a tremendously severe mer-

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foetuses into the abdominal cavities of rabbits under

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extensors of the knee be involved in the wasting, when the knee-jerk is

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For "impermeable" or very tight strictures, gastros-

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outward and is attached to the inner surface of the dura by numer-

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ring, carbolic acid had been used without effect, and that scarification