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hospitals or dependent on parochial relief, and many of them had been on the

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and is still in the primary stage, and if it be possible to test

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on the medical officer, and are highly detrimental to

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frightful reflex responses by heart, brain and lungs to a seeming

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.she passed the frontal bone, and on the next a small vertebra.

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gratifying results that can be accomplished which in a sense is true-but not a stimu-

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tended condition of the ventricle is even more distinctly

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believes also that dentition may be of etiological impor-

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tigation ; the supposed membrane being nothing more than

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which bacteriologically shows the gonococcus or history of

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double the cubic area in wards for dangerous cases.

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the text-books a good description of faradisation of the head for

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it is being shelled out by the fingers, packing carefully

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102°, and f<»r this |)urpose it is necessary, if baths are em-

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its own weight. The surface presents a puckered appearance. The eon.

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Pathology and Treatment. By Charles Bland Radcliffe, M. I). Third

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in colour, and drips with blood when cut into. The cells are often

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and arrangement, as well as in the addition of a large amount of valuable

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of Delegates held at the annual State Society meet-

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humble individual, due to the malevolence of as many filter-passers as,

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time, the term of five years would be reduced. We have the

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hair, shy appearance, and brilliant conversation of the learned old

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in 1916, which is described above. Our first readings were made between

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fessor Beattie, whose sensitive mind he comforted amid domestic

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particular organism was typhoid or colon, since it is fatal to the

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ral other countries on the continent of Europe, and even

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dangerous impurity. This gas is, however, not perceptible to the senses.

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For these take five of medium size, bake in their skins, and

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of sympathy between soul and body in that particular case, in

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' Organic Law ' concedes it, will favourably approve it : —

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For a personal prospectus, contact Julie Hein in the Foundation office at 1-800-362-9080.