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Prophylactic action, 50 cases, 50 recoveries. Curative action, 170 cases; in
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of smallpox, i. e., to a secondarily infecting germ, e. g., the streptococcus
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William A. Purrington, Esq. ; The Medical Expert of the Past, the
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ity of the vitreous humour, is nothing more than a destruction of
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sonal equation has not influenced these results. They
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flreets of the city at every hour of the day, while
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phloroform, and there was no trace of it. As there was nothing medically
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to respire with, and yet without bleeding, but aided by nutrients and
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4. Contribution & anatom. path, de pancreas; Gaz. MM. de
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of promise," if a Wiltshire coroner's advice should happen to
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foreign bodies — a bone or artificial denture ulcerating its way from the
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Where do these cells come from that are found in so
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Complications regarded as surgical are the cause of death in a large
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