In the typical convulsion — or eclampsia — of infancy,
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complained much of thirst and abdominal pain. Dr. Briddon
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and clinical observations would seem to indicate that
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pointment of competent assessors to sit with magistrates,
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reported in this country. Lane, of New Haven, U.S.A., writing in 1913,
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or three times per week, under which the symptoms soon
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danger is greater than that arising from cathartics,
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other protecting and filtering devices, and they should also be cleaned
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dark ulcer: sometimes pieces of dead flesh, and even nerves and membranes
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fission and the beginning of a new generation. Their final disappear-
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ModiflcaUeas for Hen la, Relaxed Sacro-Mac Artlcmatk>as,Float-
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Dr. B. C. Frazier . Dr. Sherrill did not state in his report
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blood put into the spinal cord, one can do it without
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tmrtras t^ervescens of the Pharmacopoeia, which is a very elegant preparation.
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structor in the use of anaesthetics at Guy's Hospital. He
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tion, which cleared up under alkalies and digitalis.
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that period, but were accepted and adopted by most of the
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lethal intravenous injection of strophanthin, a similar dose is re-
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