1. Larynx and trachea. Laryngoscope. — The apex of the epiglottis
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Hendrie, son of Lewis Hendrie from Aberdeen, Avho settled in
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husband died of South American fever, and two years
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took 9. per diem without bromism, and that of a young lady of
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orthopedic procedures until a cast could be applied, but it distinctly
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them ; but in many you are not ; and which are which ?
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bert in Wien (1887), 1889, 174-177. — Syndaktylic ; 2
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plete. As long as the redness persists, even active rubbing — e. g., in
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Their appetite is generally defective, the body weak and indisposed to
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years, of healthy parentage, and well, up to the beginning of the disease
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State Registration of Trained Nurses. — A movement is now on foot in
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On what depends its special feature ? Many years ago when I was
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there be any in the arm-pits, or in the groins, they should be dressed without
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where. These symptoms, which are usually little thought of, are ao-
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method as boiling the urine, and adding a few drops of
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found suffering from various chronic disorders of the
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TIIK BOTANIC SKN IINKL is publislied every Wednesday, by AVilham Bun
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of the Glasgow Medical Journal. It contains a list of names
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cases the Board requires a certificate from a college, accom-
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ensued before the age of thirty, the period between this and itifection
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reported cases the growths have been in the upper third, which is the
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found that what at first sight appears as an acute exacerbation of a
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denote their rank and standing among their fellows. When these things
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A Case of Malarial Cystitis. — William F. Benart reports
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and specified certain substances as '' known to be injurious to health
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3. Take two tablespoonfuls of pure cream or olive oil